Cast and Instrumental Requirements

CAST (in order of appearance):

Edwin H. Armstrong, inventor of FM ----------------------------------Baritone

Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television ----------------------------Tenor

Cox, Chairman of the Board -----------------------------------------------Tenor-Baritone

Cliff Gardner, Farnsworth Assistant 1 ----------------------------------Baritone

Carl Christiansen, Farnsworth Assistant 2 -----------------------------Bass

Marion McInnis, Sarnoff's secretary ------------------------------------Mezzo-Soprano

David Sarnoff, RCA Chief Executive ------------------------------------Tenor

The Tube --------------------------------------------------------------------Lyric Soprano

Vladimir Zworykin, television inventor ---------------------------------Bass

Bartender ---------------------------------------------------------------------unsung

Guard Baritone ---------------------------------------------------------------Bass

Chorus: ----------------------------------------------------------------------2 Soprano, 1 Alto (or Tenor)

Pit Ensemble:

Oboe/English Horn
Bass Clarinet
Bass Trombone
Percussion (vibraphone, small drumkit)

Special Requirements

*The voice of Cox in Scene 5 must be miked and altered electronically. (The premiere used the minimal effect: a guitar amplifier with reverb chamber and flanger.)
*A recording of static and dramatic electronic chaos is called for in Scene 5. This may be created or an existing CD may be ordered from the composer. In the most minimal production, this is optional.
*Videography is called for in the score. In the most minimal production, this is optional.