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The University of Michigan Symphony Band and Evan Hause perform the 1st movement of
Concerto for Electric Guitar, "Musica Ventus" (Music of the Winds)

New and Featured

The Tree Without End (2012) for Orchestra

Loons (1997) for Chorus and Jazz Quartet

Selected Concert Titles

Bacchanal (1994-95) for Jazz Big Band

Beach Music (1995) for Solo Cello

Cadenzas and Conversations for Cello duo (1988)

Chamber Symphony (1993-94) for Chamber Orchestra

Concerto for Electric Guitar and Symphony Band (1997-2000)

Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra in One Movement (1994)

The Depth (1991-92) for Large Orchestra

E-Eye (1988) for Singing Instrumental Sextet

Halcyon Shores (2003) Flute, Harp, Cello, Violin

James Brown Loops (1993) for 2 antiphonal funk bands

...labyrinth of flames... (1993-94) for Alto Sax or Bb Clarinet, Violin and Piano

Music for Trumpet and Pianos (1987)

Motion Sonata (2005) for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano

Nocturnes (1988) for Pno, Vla, Perc Elec Bass

RKJVL's New Idea (1989) for Violin and Marimba

Short Stories (1990) for Pno, Vln, Vla, Bs Clar, Mba, Celesta

Spectral Caravan (2002) for Piano 4-hands

Spelunk (2003) for Solo Clarinet

Sunken City (1992/2009) for Clarinet and Piano

Trumpet Concerto (2001)

Vocabularium (1991-92) Chamber Concerto for Piano and Wind Octet

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