Man: Biology of a Fall




Man: Biology of a Fall
An Opera by Evan Hause

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Here you will find background information on this opera project, such as:

Who is Evan Hause?

A 40-year old composer living in Brooklyn, New York whose music draws upon a great many influences, but primarily rock & pop music of the 60's-90's, Classical music of all eras (but mainly the 20th century), late-20th century jazz, electronic music, and miscellaneous world music. Here is his website's homepage from where you can read his bio, see a list of compositions, listen to dozens of clips, and more.

Who is Frank Olson? What is his story?

Frank Olson (1910-1953) was an Army bio-chemist working at Camp Detrick in Frederick, Maryland for the development of biological weapons.  His world intersected with the CIA, namely in the area of LSD and mind-control research. He was dosed with LSD against his knowledge at a meeting, wished to quit his job, and ultimately went out a window to his demise. No one knows what really happened. Several theories have been put forth. It was ruled a suicide; conspiracy theorists believe it was a murder. More

What is the opera about?

The opera dramatizes Olson's meetings with real people in real places in the period leading up to, during, and after his fateful encounter with LSD. In particular it depicts the meeting where the dosing occurred and the week following leading up to his death. It is part historical fiction and part political satire. As opera, certain relationships and events are heightened. Musically the opera covers a wide swath of territory, drawing upon elements of classical opera from the Renaissance to the 20th Century, rock opera, cabaret, and Broadway. More

What is the Defenestration Trilogy?

Music by Hause, Libretti by Gary Heidt, this opera trilogy was composed in the years 2000-2007, and consists of: 1. On The Air (based on the inventors of F.M. and T.V. Edwin Armstrong and Philo Farnsworth, and the corporate bigwig who exploited them), 2. Nightingale: The Last Days of James Forrestal (about the last days of the highest government official ever to have committedsuicide), and 3. Man: Biology of a FallMore

How long is the opera?

2 hours and 15 minutes with two intermissions.

What are the performing requirements?

It employs a cast of 13 (1 Countertenor, 3 Tenors, 1 Baritone-Tenor, 2 Baritones, 1 Baritone Bass, 1 Bass, 2 Sopranos, and two Musical Actors), 13 orchestral musicians (Flute/Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet Horn, Trombone, Percussion, Keyboard, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello and Bass) and Live Electronicist

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