Circe (2000) for 5-octave marimba played with 6-mallets
[also available as Duo for Marimba and Vibraphone]

Duration: 10:00
Format: Engraved 11x17" landscape, 8 pages
History: Commissioned and premieredby Rebecca Kite


Fields (1991) for 5-octave marimba (4 mallets)

Duration: 14:00
Format: MS 11x17" landscape
History: Composed for Michael Rosen; Premiered by Loren Mach, 1991; Recorded by Filippo Lattanzi on DAD Records, 2002



From the Ghetto of the Crystal Imps (1994) for traditional and found percussion with 4-channel tape

Duration: 8:30
Format: MS 11x17" landscape, 8 pages; tape part available in stereo (CD or DAT) or 4-track 1/4" reel-to-reel
History: Created at the University of Michigan Electronic Music Studios; Premiered by Alison Shaw, 1994


Circe (2004) for vibraphone and marimba (4+1/3 or 5-octave)

Duration: 10:00
Format: Engraved 11x17" landscape
History: Premiered by Evan Hause and Chris Nappi



Elephant Breath (1997) for four percussionists (one is drumset), no mallets

Duration: 5:00
History: Composed for the Pittsburg State University Percussion Ensemble; Premiered by same, 1997

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Air-Rounds-Parade (1994)

Duration: 18:00
Format: Score and Parts are both MS 11x17" landscape, score is 24 pages
History: Commissioned and Premiered by the Oberlin Percussion Group, 1995

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Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra in One Movement (1994) for 5-octave marimba
(click on title for more information)

Duration: 17:00
2222 2220 timp, perc(2) hp str
Format: Orchestral score and MSS piano reduction (11x17 landscape) for sale by composer. Parts on rental from the composer.

History: Premiered by Loren Mach with the CCM Philharmonia conducted by Wojciech Michniewski, 1996


Into the Mists (1998) Concertino for percussion and mixed ensemble

Duration: 8:00
Instrumentation: multiple percussion soloist with violin, clarinet, sax(alto and soprano), bassoon, piano
Format: Engraved/MS, score (11x17" landscape) and parts (8.5x11" portrait)
History: Commissioned by Alison Shaw for Quorum; not yet premiered


Coil (2000) for Percussion and Piano

Duration: 12:30
Format: Engraved/MS 11x17" landscape; Recorded by Sole Nero (Anthony DiSanza and Jessica Johnson) on Equilibrium, 2004.
History: Premiered by Blair McMillen and Nathan Davis at the Yellow Barn Festival, 2000


Street Jam (2005) for Bongos and C Trumpet

Duration: 6:00
Format: Score and parts available at Hal Leonard
History: Premiered by Eric Berlin and Eduardo Leandro at University of Massachusetts, April 25, 2005; Recorded by same on "End of the Matter" - MSR 1099

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RKJVL's New Idea (1989) for Marimba (4 1/2 or 4 1/3 octave) and Violin

Duration: 7:30
Format: MS 11x14" landscape
History: Premiered by composer and Nancy Coade at Oberlin Conservatory, 1989

The Mechanical River (1990) for Marimba (4 1/3 octave) and Bassoon

Duration: 8:00
Format: MS 11x15" landscape
History: Premiered by Chris Wabich at Appalachian State University, 1990


The Ides of March (1997) for Snare Drum, Flute, and Trombone

Duration: 4:00
Format: MS
History: Premiered by Evan Hause, Justin Writer, and Matthew Whittier at Pittsburg State University, March 15, 1997.

Pedestrians (1995) for two Percussion and Piano

Duration: 4:30
Format: Engraved, 8 1/2x11" portrait, score and 2 parts

History: Premiered at University of Michigan by the composer, Matthew Sexton and Carter Pann, 1995


Jugglers in a Rotating Orchard (1993) for 5-octave marimba, Electric Guitar, and Violin

Duration: 7:30
Format: MS 11x17" landscape, score only; required 3-track multi-tempo click track available on demand
in multi-track cassette, ADAT or reel-to-reel format
History: Premiered at University of Michigan by the composer, Jeff Plankenhorn and Daniel Roumain, 1994

Special: It is possible to perform the work without the click track.

Two Songs (1994) [Texts: Terren Ilana Wein] Bass Marimba, Cello, Tenor (or Medium Voice)

Duration: 4:00 + 4:00
Format: MS 11x17" landscape
History: Premiered at University of Michigan by composer, Nicole Charboneau, and Erik Santos, 1994


Nocturnes (1988) Percussion, Electric Bass, Piano, Viola (and offstage Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute)

Duration: 10:00
Format: MS 11x15" landscape
History: Premiered at Oberlin Conservatory by Chris Anthony, composer, Andrew Harold, and Caroline Coade


Short Stories (1990)

Duration: 8:00
Violin, Viola, Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, Marimba/Bass Marimba (or 5-octave marimba), Celesta/Piano
Format: Score-MS 8.5x11" portrait; parts cut-and-pasted from score
History: Premiered at International Trumpet Guild Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1992

Metal Rites (1990)

Duration: 8:30
Instrumentation: Violin, Cello, Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion
Format: Format: Score-MS 8.5x11" portrait; parts cut-and-pasted from score
History: Composed for reading by the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble; Premiered by students at the University of Michigan, 1991

E-Eye (1988)

Duration: 11:00
Instrumentation: Electric Guitar/Vocal, Electric Bass/Vocal, Harp/Vocal, Piano/Vocal, Two Percussion/Vocal
[Voice parts may optionally be given to 6-member or larger mixed chorus]
Format: Score-MS 11x17" landscape; parts cut-and-pasted from score
History: Premiered at Oberlin Conservatory by composer, Anders Dahlberg, Trina Struble, Kelly Conley, Loren Mach and Will Chase, 1989

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