Circe (2000) for 5-octave marimba played with 6-mallets
(Also available as marimba/vibraphone duo)

Duration: 10:00
Format: Engraved 11x17" landscape, 8 pages

History: Solo Commissioned and Premiered by Rebecca Kite; Duo version premiered by Evan Hause and Chris Nappi

Fields (1991) for 5-octave marimba (4 mallets)

Duration: 14:00
Format: MS 11x17" landscape
History: Composed for Michael Rosen; Premiered by Loren Mach, 1991; Recorded by Filippo Lattanzi on DAD Records, 2002
Buy: Hal Leonard


From the Ghetto of the Crystal Imps (1994) for traditional and found percussion with 4-channel tape

Duration: 8:30
Format: MS 11x17" landscape, 8 pages; tape part available in stereo (CD or DAT) or 4-track 1/4" reel-to-reel
History: Created at the University of Michigan Electronic Music Studios; Premiered by Alison Shaw, 1994
1/4" 4-track tape part on rental 


Elephant Breath (1997) for four percussionists (one is drumset), no mallets

Duration: 5:00
Format: Score and Two Parts -- 8.5x11"

History: Composed for the Pittsburg State University Percussion Ensemble; Premiered by same, 1997
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Air-Rounds-Parade (1994)

Duration: 18:00
Format: Score and Parts are both MS 11x17" landscape, score is 24 pages
History: Commissioned and Premiered by the Oberlin Percussion Group, 1995
Buy: Steve Weiss Music


Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra in One Movement (1994) for 5-octave marimba
(click on title for more information)

Duration: 17:00
Instrumentation: 2222 2220 timp, perc(2) hp str
Format: Orchestral score and MSS piano reduction (11x17 landscape) for sale by composer. Parts on rental from E. B. Marks.
History: Premiered by Loren Mach with the CCM Philharmonia conducted by Wojciech Michniewski, 1996
Buy the Piano Reduction: Subito Music Corp.

Into the Mists (1998/2006) for mixed ensemble


Night Voyages (2009) for Marimba/Vibraphone and Piano

Street Jam (2005) for Bongos and Trumpet

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Coil (2000) for Percussion and Piano

Duration: 12:30
Format: Engraved/MS 11x17" landscape
History: Premiered by Blair McMillen and Nathan Davis at the Yellow Barn Festival, 2000; Recorded by Sole Nero (Anthony DiSanza and Jessica Johnson for Equilibrium, 2004)
Buy: Steve Weiss Music

RKJVL's New Idea (1989) for Marimba (4 1/2 or 4 1/3 octave) and Violin

The Mechanical River (1990) for Marimba (4 1/3 octave) and Bassoon

Duration: 8:00
Format: MS 11x15" landscape
History: Premiered by Chris Wabich at Appalachian State University, 1990


Pedestrians (1995) for two Percussion and Piano

Duration: 4:30
Format: Engraved, 8 1/2x11" portrait, score and 2 parts

History: Premiered at University of Michigan by the composer, Matthew Sexton and Carter Pann, 1995
Buy: Steve Weiss Music

Jugglers in a Rotating Orchard (1993) for 5-octave marimba, Electric Guitar, and Violin

Duration: 7:30
Format: MS 11x17" landscape, score only; required 3-track multi-tempo click track available on demand
in multi-track cassette, ADAT or reel-to-reel format
History: Premiered at University of Michigan by the composer, Jeff Plankenhorn and Daniel Roumain, 1994

Two Songs (1994) [Texts: Terren Ilana Wein] Bass Marimba, Cello, Tenor (or Medium Voice)

Duration: 4:00 + 4:00
Format: MS 11x17" landscape
History: Premiered at University of Michigan by composer, Nicole Charboneau, and Erik Santos, 1994


Tiki Alla Turca (2010) Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Percussion (hand drum, ad lib.) 4'

Nocturnes (1988) Percussion, Electric Bass, Piano, Viola (and offstage Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute)

Duration: 10:00
Format: MS 11x15" landscape
History: Premiered at Oberlin Conservatory by Chris Anthony, composer, Andrew Harold, and Caroline Coade


Short Stories (1990)

Duration: 8:00
Instrumentation: Violin, Viola, Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, Marimba/Bass Marimba (or 5-octave marimba), Celesta/Piano
Format: Score-MS 8.5x11" portrait; parts cut-and-pasted from score
History: Premiered at International Trumpet Guild Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1992

Metal Rites (1990)

Duration: 8:30
Instrumentation: Violin, Cello, Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion
Format: Format: Score-MS 8.5x11" portrait; parts cut-and-pasted from score
History: Composed for reading by the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble; Premiered by students at the University of Michigan, 1991

E-Eye (1988)

Duration: 11:00
Instrumentation: Electric Guitar/Vocal, Electric Bass/Vocal, Harp/Vocal, Piano/Vocal, Two Percussion/Vocal
[Voice parts may optionally be given to 6-member or larger mixed chorus]
Format: Score-MS 11x17" landscape; parts cut-and-pasted from score
History: Premiered at Oberlin Conservatory by composer, Anders Dahlberg, Trina Struble, Kelly Conley, Loren Mach and Will Chase, 1989

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