by Evan Hause

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The Snake River Manual of Style (2011) 15'
for Alto Sax and Electric Guitar

Sunken City (2009) 10'
for B-flat Clarinet and Piano

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Night Voyages (2009) 15'
for Piano and Percussion

Street Jam (2004) 6'
for Trumpet and Bongos (yes, 2 bongos - 1 player)
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Cello Sonata (2008) 15'
for Cello and Piano

Spectral Caravan (2002) 8'
for Four-hands Piano

Coil (2000) 13'
for Piano and Percussion

Suite for Violin and Piano (1996-2012) 10'

The Mechanical River (1990) 8'
for Percussion and Bassoon

RKJVL's New Idea (1989) 7'
for Violin and 4 1/3-octave Marimba

Cadenzas and Conversations (1988) 9'
for Cello Duo


Piano Trio No. 2 (2009-2011) 20'
for Violin, Cello and Piano

Motion Sonata (2005) 15'
for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano
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also arranged for Clarinet, Cello and Piano

Pedestrians (1995) 5'
for Two Percussion and Piano [purchase from Steve Weiss Music]

...labyrinth of flames... (1994) 8'
for Violin, Bb Clarinet (or Eb Alto Saxophone) and Piano

Jugglers in a Rotating Orchard (1993) 8'
for Violin, 5-octave Marimba and Electric Guitar

Music for Trumpet and Pianos (1986-87) 16'
for Trumpet and Two Pianos

The Ides of March (1997) 4'
for Flute, Trombone and Snare Drum

Piano Trio No. 1 (1987) 20'
for Violin, Cello and Piano


Confluence (2012) 8'
for Piano Quartet

Halcyon Shores (2003) 15'
for Violin, Cello, Flute, Harp

Study in Flak (1996) 2'
for Clarinet, (any) Sax, Bass and Drums

Nickel Romance (1999) 4'
for Horn, Violin, Cello and Piano

Tiki Alla Turca (2011) 5'
for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Percussion


Ant Race (2002) 6'
for Brass Quintet
(2 trombone or tuba versions available)

Bells of the Lake (1997/2014) 4' [a.k.a. Commencement Fanfare (1997)/ Brooklyn Fanfare (2004)]
for Trumpet Quintet


Metal Rites (1990) 9'
for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello and Percussion

Short Stories (1990) 8'
for Trumpet, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Viola, 5-octave Marimba and Celesta/Piano

E-Eye (1988) 11'
[text: Evan Hause]
for Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano, Harp and Two Percussion


Into The Mists (1998) 7'
for Violin, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Percussion and Piano

Nocturnes (1988) 12'
for Viola, Percussion, Piano, Electric Bass and Three (offstage) Flutes (Picc., Flt., Alto Flt.)

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